On Thin Ice: Going for the Gold

On Thin Ice: Going for the Gold A star hockey player becomes a casualty of a wayward puck and the finds that even divine intervention can be hit or miss.

He is then awarded a second chance at life and the Olympics in the romantic comedy ON THIN ICE: GOING FOR THE GOLD, starring Nicholle Tom, (BEETHOVEN) Thomas Calabro (TV'S MELROSE PLACE) and Alan Thicke (TV'S GROWING PAINS), with cameo appearances by Olympic medalists Nancy Kerrigan, Rosalynn Sumners and Elvis Stojko.

all All Ages
86 minutes


CastNicholle Tom, Tara Lipinski, Thomas Calabro, Nancy Kerrigan
DirectorGeorge Erschamber
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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