Laws of Deception

Laws of Deception A small child witnesses the brutal murder of his mob-connected parents at the hands of rival Mafioso, Gino Carlucci (JAMES RUSSO). Twenty years later, the child, Evan Marino (C. THOMAS HOWELL), has grown up to become the top student at the University of Miami Law School.

Elise Talbot (AMBER SMITH), a beautiful and mysterious new student is hired by Gino Carlucci to find out what Evan remembers about the night his parents were murdered. Five years later, Evan an established criminal Attorney in Miami, meets the still young and beautiful Elise, who is accused of murdering her husband, Gino Carlucci, whom she has since married and was in the process of divorcing. As Evan gets more and more involved in Elise's defence, he finds out that any number of people, including the mob, might of wanted Gino dead.

It all moves full circle to a shocking conclusion that echoes from Evan's past and involves all of the suspects... Elise, Cal, the Mafia... and Evan himself.


CastC. Thomas Howell, Brian Austin Green, James Russo, Amber Smith
DirectorJoey Travolta
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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