Glitter Billie Frank is a talented young singer struggling to make it big in New York City.

With plenty of will and determination, a voice like an angel, and the help of a handsome nightclub DJ, she will quickly learn that the roller coaster ride to success is as treacherous as it is glamorous. Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey stars in this powerful and unforgettalbe story about an incredibly gifted young singer who finds that the road to her dreams leads straight to her heart.

Also starring Max Beesley and Ann Magnuson, and featuring sensational performances from music superstars Eric Benét and Da Brat.

pg Parental Guidance
101 minutes

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CastMariah Carey, Max Beesley, Da Brat, Tia Texada, Valarie Pettiford, Ann Magnuson
DirectorVondie Curtis-Hall
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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