Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson score ''a solid victory'' (Time Magazine) in this high-flying action thriller filled with explosive excitement at every turn.

The war was supposed to be over, but the battle to survive has only just begun. When U.S. Navy pilot Chris Burnett (Wilson) is shot down during a recon mission over Bosnia, he must fight to stay alive and evade hostile Serbian forces.

With time running out, Burnett's commanding officer (Hackman) risks everything by launching a renegade rescue mission -- against strict NATO directives -- to bring an American hero home.

13 No persons under 13
106 minutes

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CastOwen Wilson, Gene Hackman, Joaquim de Almeda, David Keith, Olek Krupa
DirectorJohn Moore
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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