Duty Dating

Duty Dating ''Duty Dating'' is the magical film that examines this desire and gets results. Based on the nationally acclaimed author and lecturer, Dr. Pat Allen, ''Duty Dating'' provides a template for the do's and don'ts of dating.

''Duty Dating'' is a tightly wrapped, hilarious romantic comedy which parallels Dr. Pat Allen's teachings. The fundamental principle is when seeking a life mate you must ''duty date'' three people simultaneously in order to build relationship skills. With one dating partner, you'll get too attached; two is an either/or situation; only with three can you keep perspective.

Clarice (LAUREN SINCLAIR), a successful magazine stylist, is unsuccessful in love. She botches every potential relationship without understanding why. Her magazine editor, Darlene (SUSAN BARNES), who is beseiged by men, takes Clarice to Dr. Hartley (LILYAN CHAUVIN), a famous love specialist. Dr. Hartley tells Clarice that in order to get married she must ''duty date'' three men at the same time.

Unfortunately, Clarice mus tjuggle many ''toads'' before meeting her prince. This heartwarming film will appeal to everyone in their quest to find true love.


CastLauren Sinclair, Paul Satterfield, Eric Gustavson, Lee Everett, Susan Barnes, Lilyan Chauvin
DirectorCherry Norris
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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