Beyond Suspicion

Beyond Suspicion In an instant, John Nolan's life is forever changed during a liquor store robbery. A stranger, Auggie Rose, dies in John's arms. Feeling guilty for Auggie's death, John searches in vain to locate Auggie's next of kin. It turns out that Auggie Rose was an ex-convict, imprisoned his entire adult life. Just out of prison, it was his second day working at the liquor store.

The more he inquires into Auggie's life, the more John becomes attracted to its poetic simplicity. John feels obligated to do something for Auggie, to make certain he's not cremated and simply forgotten. Finally, he breaks into Auggie's one-room ghetto apartment. There he finds Auggie's love letters that he received from a woman while in prison. The woman, Lucy, is actually on a cross-country bus, coming to town to finally meet Auggie.

John goes to the bus station to break the news to Lucy that Auggie is dead. Unable to resist the temptation to lie, he tells Lucy that he is Auggie Rose.

Juggling his own successful career and girlfriend, John starts to live a double life. The more time he spends as Auggie, the less tenuous his grip on his own identity becomes. Ultimately, John must decide not only how he's going to live, but as whom.

13 No persons under 13 (Language, Violence)
104 minutes


CastJeff Goldblum, Anne Heche, Nancy Travis, Timothy Olyphant
DirectorMattew Tabak
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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