Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol

Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol The contacts have been made. The cash is stuffed into suitcases. Everything is ready for the secret transaction that could hurtle the world towards doomsday. But there's something the arms smuggler (John Rhys-Davies) behind the deed never counted on: the peerless commandos trained by Delta Force. Adapt and improvise. The Delta Force's three-word motto is put into action in this explosive adventure directed by Joseph Zito (Missing in Action). Gary Daniels plays the team leader of specialists sent into territory claimed by two Middle-Eastern nations.

It's a rescue-and-recon foray -- but it soons becomes a search-and-destroy mission requiring all of the patrol's courage, smarts and fighting skills. Because the unit discovers that terroristss have acquired a nuclear weapon... and the launch countdown is underway. Action-icon offsprings Mike Norris (son of Chuck) and Bentley Mitchum (grandson of Robert) co-star.


CastGary Daniels, Mike Norris, Bentley Mitchum, Zev Revach, Michelle Kapeta, Orr Malka, John Rhys-Davies
DirectorJoseph Zito
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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