Lightning: Fire From the Sky

Lightning: Fire From the Sky Thunder rolls as a violent storm speeds across the Midwest. A bolt of white-hot lightning rockets from the clouds, splitting a tree and launching an orange fireball towards the sky!

Fourteen year old Eric Dobbs (Jesse Eisenberg) stays up late tracking the weather on his computer. Alone in his room, watching the storms dance across the screen, Eric discovers that an amazingly rare weather pattern is about to unfold in the skies. According to his calculations the force of the storm could destroy everything in the town where he lives.

However, the storm is not the only threat to the town, a greedy land developer, Bart Hansen (Stacy Keach) has a made a deal with the mayor that could suck the life from Rutland. Everyone dismisses Eric's claims of a disaster occuring, but when fires start raging and waters start rising with the entire town under attack, he has to race against time and the elements to save the town from total destruction.

pg Parental Guidance
98 minutes


CastJohn Schneider, Jesse Eisenberg, Michele Greene, Stacy Keach
DirectorDavid Giancola
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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