A Woman Hunted

A Woman Hunted Upon her release from rehab, after becoming dependant on prescription drugs, Lainie is determined to regain custody of her two young daughters who were placed in foster care during her incarceration.

Her life however takes a turn for the worst, when one evening a male acquaintance tries to rape and kill her. In defending herself, Lainie kills him and causes his body to fall into a well. Hoping to keep her horrifying ordeal a secret, she does everything she can to throw the police off the trail. In an unexpected turn of events, the police pull a body from the well... and it's a young woman...

10 No persons under 10
90 minutes


CastAlexandra Paul, Linden Ashby, Michele Greene, Maxim Roy, Dean Hagopian, Jonathan Higgins, Tim Post, Sophie Genron
DirectorMorrie Ruvinsky
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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