Moving Malcolm

Moving Malcolm After being dumped at the altar a year ago, Gene Maxwell (BENJAMIN RATNER) has been living under a rock, drifting from one meaningless job to the next while toiling away on a voluminous novel he hopes will win back the heart of his former fiancée, B movie actress Liz Woodward (ELIZABETH BERKLEY).

Liz unexpectedly turns up on his doorstep with an audacious request — will he help move her elderly father while she flies off to Prague to star in a low budget sci-fi flick. Gene ignores the protests of his eccentric family and secretly seizes the opportunity to recapture Liz's ellusive love by agreeing to move Malcolm (JOHN NEVILLE) — a distinctly articulate and cantankerous Englishman with relationship issues of his own.

As Gena and Malcolm make the big move, a warm and enlightened relationship develops between the two. Gene's plan to win back Liz also seems to be working, albeit long distance. Things take a painful turn, however, as Liz once again breaks Greg's hopeful heart. But this time through Malcolm's inadvertent example, Gene is able to regain his self-respect and re-open his heart to those who know and love him best.

79 minutes


CastElizabeth Berkley, Benjamin Ratner, John Neville, Jay Brazeau, Babz Chula, Rebeca Harker, Nicholas Lea, Linda Sorensen
DirectorBenjamin Ratner
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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