The Forgotten

The Forgotten Nine-year-old Sam Paretta is dead, killed in a plane crash. Even though it's been fourteen months since the accident, his mother, Telly (Julianne Moore, Far From Heaven), still grieves over the loss. But suddenly, her husband (Anthony Edwards, ''ER'') swears they never had a child and her psychiatrist (Gary Sinise, ''C.S.I.:NY'') insists she's delusional.

But worst of all, there is absolutely no evidence to prove Sam ever existed. Haunted by memories of her son, Telly's search for the truth propels her into a dark mind-shattering conspiracy of unearthly terror.

pg Parental Guidance (Language, Violence)
91 minutes

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Cast Julianne Moore, Christopher Kovaleski, Matthew Pleszewicz, Anthony Edwards, Jessica Hecht, Gary Sinise
DirectorJoseph Ruben
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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