The Last Tunnel

The Last Tunnel This story relates a true event nicknamed the ''Century's Coup'': in April of 1993, the Bank of Montreal is the siege of the biggest robbery attempt of its history. The initiator's name is Marcel Talon. Five men, all of them well-known from the judicial system, will spend many months in the city's depths, digging a tunnel towards the bank's ''money room''. 215 Million dollars is a big enough incentive to make these men trade their free time for a chosen prison. Maybe, just maybe, they will be able to buy themselves a new life... or a new conditional freedom...

13 No persons under 13
109 minutes


CastMichel Côté, Jean Lapointe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Nicolas Canuel, Marie-France Marcotte
DirectorEric Canuel
Formats DVD
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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