Betrayed After a six month suspension for reckless disregard of police protocol, Detective Max Garret (Stephen Baldwin) is assigned to robbery-homicide and sent downtown to investigate the apparant suicide of a junkie. Teamed with Lieutenant Eddie Fulton (Charles Malik Whitfield) the case quickly unfolds as one in a string of serial murders.

The search leads them to the studio of Laura Cross (Kristy Swanson), a sultry, wise-cracking photographer whose focus is bondage and domination. Max soon finds out that Laura is no stranger to Lt. Fulton from his days working with the sexual battery unit. With his marriage hanging together by a thin thread, Max is intrigued by Laura's dark side, and her obsession with bondage.

As he is pulled for further into the crime investigation and lured closer to Laura, Max is once again ignoring police procedure and breaking the rules, which this time, may land him in the arms of a killer.

16 No persons under 16 (Nudity)
about90 minutes


CastStephen Baldwin, Kristy Swanson, Charles Malik Whitfield, Natassia Malthe, Kevin Chamberlin, Joel Brooks, Julian Acosta
DirectorValerie Landsburg
Formats DVD
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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