Rog — When Love is a Disease

Rog — When Love is a Disease Rog is a story of a beautiful, successful and intelligent woman, who is pursued by three suitors wanting to possess her for their own motives. When a sensational fashion model from the city, Maya Solomon is found murdered in her apartment, a police inspector, Uday Singh Rathod is assigned to investigate the case. This leads him to the well-known columnist, Harsh Vardhan, who was Maya's mentor and instrumental in her rise to stardom. Harsh, besides being well known for his acid tongue and an even more venomous pen, is also the last person to see Maya alive.


CastIrrfan, Suhel Seth, Himanshu Malik, Minish Makhika, Shyamoli Varma, Ilene Hamann
DirectorHimanshu Brambhatt
Formats DVD
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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