Crazy Monkey — Straight Outta Benoni

Crazy Monkey — Straight Outta Benoni Brendan and Gavin are lifelong friends who feel comfortable with fame and international adoration. Even though they haven't achieved it yet. They're just like any other small-town guys — they enjoy playing in a band, reviewing book reviews and busting mad sickness whenever they can. They also have brand new jobs in advertising. Unfortunately their world falls apart after they lose their jobs, a day before their ten-year school reunion — a day they've dreamt about for, well, ten years.

pg Parental Guidance (Language)
88 minutes

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CastBrendan Jack, Gavin Williams, Tanit Phoenix, Colin Moss, Brett Goldin, Trevor Clarence, Louw Venter, Kagiso Lediga, Danny K
DirectorTrevor Clarence
Formats DVD
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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