The Easter Egg Escapade

The Easter Egg Escapade Egg Town is an idyllic village wher neighbouring chickens and rabbits live together in harmony. Beyond the borders of this humble burg however, lurk mysterious and thieving ''Take-Its'', who conspire to steal Egg Town's Easter eggs and its fun-loving spirit.

An unlikely group of Egg Town's residents, including Good Gracious Grasshopper, brave the dangers of the swamp and the evil ''Take-Its'' lair to retrieve the eggs. Throughout their hare-raising adventure, everbody forms bonds of special friendship, overcome their deepest fears and find the courage to bring the spirit and joy of Easter back to Egg Town.

all All Ages
91 minutes


CastVoices of Joe Pantoliano, Brooke Shields, James Woods, Sandra Bernhard, Nancy Kerrigan, John Michael Williams, Eli Wallach
DirectorJohn Michael Williams
Formats DVD
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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