Heidi Heidi is an orphan girl living in Switzerland just over 100 years ago. Her aunt, Detie, who has looked after her for several years, is offered a domestic position in the city and feels she can no longer look after Heidi.

She takes Heidi to lodge with the child's parental grandfather, known as Uncle Alp because he lives alone high up in the Alps.

Initially resentful at having the responsibility of looking after a young girl, Alp gradually adapts to the arrangement and instructs Heidi in the ways of mountain life — and encourages her friendship with Peter, an eleven-year-old goat herder who lives further down the mountain.

all All Ages
100 minutes


CastEmma Bolger, Max Von Sydow, Sam Friend
DirectorPaul Marcus
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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