The Race-ist

The Race-ist The movie is about a young boy called Lukas, played by Palm, who wants to be the quarter-mile champion. He grows up with 'insufficient resources' to achieve his dreams.

But when he meets former coach of the quarter-mile champion, 'Oom Noel', played by Roberts, who is persuaded to mentor Lukas to champion status, he realises that his dream of winning is possible. Love, comedy, racial differences, patriotism and inspiration are issues which unfold to thicken the plot.

pg Parental Guidance under 13
85 minutes

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CastCraig Palm, Thato Sikwane, Kurt Darren, Nicole Smart, Ian Roberts, Jonathan Pienaar, Murray Todd, Brandon Auret, Gadsitwe Getyes, Strini Pillai, Brad Wood, Mark Stent
DirectorAndrew Revthump Wilmot
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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