Sex Pistols: Agents of Anarchy

Sex Pistols: Agents of Anarchy Rules are made to be broken and in over three decades, the Sex Pistols lived this lifestyle better than anyone. The Sex Pistols went from public enemy number one to national treasures, and influenced an entire generation along the way.

With rare and exclusive interviews and live performances, band members tell their side of the story. There was nothing like them before, and there has been nothing quite like them since. Without them, popular culture would be very different. They ignited the punk rock revolution in Britain and created controversies that often eclipsed their music. During their twenty-six month existence they released just one album, and a handful of singles, which remain some of the most definitive releases in the history of modern music.

This feature is packed with rare and live footage, including their first performance in Manchester, plus interviews with Paul Cook, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones, John Lydon and Malcolm MacLaren. Also features revealing interviews with Steve Dior and Kris Needs.

16 No persons under 16
100 minutes


CastPaul Cook, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones, John Lydon, Malcolm MacLaren, Steve Dior, Chris Needs, Neal Barry (narrator), Leonard Silver
DirectorSonia Anderson
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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