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Scream 2

Look! a spooky! If you enjoyed Scream, chances are you will thrill to Scream 2, as it offers more of the same. This time our gorgeous heroine is in college, taking part in (believe it or not) a horror flick. Then the murders start, dragging some of the survivors from the previous film back, at serious risk to their lives.
Expect lots of skriks, laughs, and gory dead bodies.

122 minutes "), No persons under 16 (Language).
Horror, Comedy.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments
Shaun Myburg: Easily the film of the year thus far. Craven and Williamson's tongue-in-cheek sequel proves to be even better than their first effort. Great cast also proves to be an added bonus, great acting all round (except for Tori Spelling that is). Must see for anyone who loves (and hates) sequels. Sceptics will be surprised.

Nuno Rosa: It's a nice movie.

Dylan Taylor: Flipping good.

Sassy Boy: Very blatant. Good, but don't expect better than Scream 1. Must see with surround sound!

Robert Haynes: Exceptionally clever little horror sequel that believe it or not actually surpasses the original in the way of wit, performance and downright gruesomeness. What's so clever about a film like this is that it pokes fun at it's very mainstream audience yet us true filmofiles out there can sit back and watch much of the subtle ambiguities fly straight over the non-horror crowds heads...CLEVER CLEVER STUFF !!!

Neil Thompson: As good if not better than the first movie.

Werick Venter: Best movie by far.

Bruce Humphrey: WOW! They use every trick in the book and then some! If you enjoyed Scream then you will love Scream 2.

Tania van Buren: Very nice, a lot like Scream but more nail biting.

Helene Kritzinger: It was funny, it was scary, it was nice - Just your ordinary movie.

Taryn Lambert: This movie is a lot scarier than than first one and better acting . You will be surprized.

Santelle Garces: Scary!!!! Really worth watching!

Sean Geddes: Too much like its predecessor, it lacked the newness and originality of Scream 1 but all in all an average movie worth seeing if only once.

Paul van der Westhuizen: Great cast. Well thought out plot. Craven is a master!

Kellyn Coetzee: It was a really good movie but they should have made the deaths more suspending and the end not so 'twisty' but over all anything with Sarah Michelle Gellar in is no good for me.

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