Asterix and Obelix Versus Caesar

The well-known little village from the Asterix and Obelix-comic books is in trouble: It is the last place not controlled by Rome.
When a tax collector does not get his money from the villagers, Caesar himself comes to the place to see what's so special about their resistance. A special magic potion, prepared by the village's druid, gives incredible power to those who drink it. And Obelix, who fell into the pot as a child has been invincible ever since.
With the help of an intrigeur, the Romans try to get Obelix and the druid into their hands in order to wipe the little village off the map, when the last potion of it's stock has been used up. But each individual also has some plans of his own...

112 minutes.
Parental Guidance .


If I don
If I don't get some boar now, I'll eat the dog!


Christian Clavier, Gérard Depardieu, Roberto Benigni, Michel Galabru
Claude Zidi
ScreenplayGérard Lauzier, Claude Zidi
MusicJean-Jacques Goldman, Roland Romanelli
CinematographyTony Pierce-Roberts
Sound formatsDolby Digital, DTS
SA distributor Ster-Kinekor Pictures
Made in1999
Produced byCecchi Gori Group Tiger Cinematografica, Pathe Video, Bavaria Entertainment, Melampo Cinematografica, Katharina, Films 7, Pathé Cinéma, MLF, Neue Constantin Film, President Films, Renn Productions, TF1 Films Productions, Bavaria Film

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Andrew Simpson 16
Dawie Nel 6
Joanne Woodard (40) 18

Average .. 67%


Visitor Comments

Ian Douglas: On the positive side, the film is amazingly true to the comics, especially the casting and the special effects (flying Romans etc). However, there is just ''something'' that doesn't work, maybe it is the dubbing or the relatively low level of puns. Should appeal to the kiddies and Asterix fans.

Vanessa Govender (24): If they had kept to the French version and subtitled this movie it would have been really good. The dubbing was really awful especially on the close-ups and I think a lot of the 'comedy' was lost in the translation...

Andrew Simpson (17): I am a huge fan of the comic book so this film was a real treat to watch. It was exactly how you would expect the characters to look like in real life. The dubbing does get a bit irritating but the film itself is outstanding.

Dawie Nel (24): The big problem was not with the dubbing, it was the confusing plot. They picked something from about every asterix book, mixed it together and used it as a plot. It just didn't make sense. The confusing plot reminded me of the spielberg movie 1941. Great idea, good visual effects, but utterly lacking story line.

Joanne Woodard (40): I have not seen this film dubbed, but in french I found it histerical. My whole family really enjoyed it even though they don't understand french. Sometimes good dialog gets lost in translations maybe this has happened. I thought it was very true to the comics and very well made.

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