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Erin Brockovich

Yes, we have a patent pending on these bras.
Yes, we have a patent pending on these bras.
Based on a true (and still-ongoing) story from the US, our heroine is a spunky single mother desperately trying to make ends meet. After her lawyer loses her accident case, she persuades him to give her a job. Soon she is digging into a land deal case which turns out to involve big business poisoning the local groundwater. Only her strong will and sense of right allows her to pursue the case against all the odds.
The film is already being mentioned in terms of ''Best Actress'' for next year's Oscars.

130 minutes, No persons under 13 (Language)
Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Julia Roberts, Albert Finney, Aaron Eckhart
Steven Soderbergh
ScreenplaySusannah Grant
MusicThomas Newman
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2000
Produced byJersey Films

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Visitor Ratings
Shaun Myburg (21) 16
Isma Manitsa 16
Hilton de Bruyn 17
Natasha van Vuuren 16
Jeremie Dupont 14
Piyush 20
Santelle Garces 20
Debbie Ross 18
Celeste van Harten 16
Alyssa Bentz 20
Brenda Kruger (35) 18
Average .. 87%17
Visitor Comments
Ian Douglas: Julia finally gets a role to die for, and she enjoys it to the hilt. The film was number one for three straight weeks in the US, and is now the first film to pass US$100 million this year. Although set in a law firm, it is more about the struggles that women have in today's society, especially single moms. Well worth seeing. Cynics will of course dismiss it as a 2-hour-long ad for wonderbras and superlook panties :-)

Lynette Anthony (22): Excellent! Definitely recommended!

Shaun Myburg (21): They say this may be Julia Robert's best ever performance, however I can't really think of a performance I never enjoyed! She is the only actress bar Meg Ryan than can make you cry, laugh and think in the same movie. This being based on a true story makes it that much more special. The lack of big names adds more focus to the story and makes you feel part of Erin's struggle. It is a wonderful movies based on an amzing woman who makes a guest appearance as a waitress. GO SEE IT!!

Hilton de Bruyn (21): Very witty, a must see for Julia Roberts fans!

Jeremie Dupont (23): Julia Robert makes you want to meet the original Erin.

Santelle Garces (23: Excellent! The fact that this is a true story makes the movie even more interesting!

Celeste van Harten 27: Really enjoyable.

Alyssa Bentz (19): I thought the movie was great! Julia Roberts did a great job (well, she always does) and I think that is meant that much more because it was a true story!! It was GREAT!

Not One LessScream 3Superstar
Erin Brockovich

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