Fallout The year: 2000. The Gateway Space Station, our international 'gateway to the moon, Mars and beyond', has been seized by a renegade group of Russian-trained Cosmonauts led by a decorated war hero and Tajikstan, a former Soviet Republic now in the midst of a ten year civil war.. If the Russians won't withdraw, Federov promised to activate a forgotten relic of the Soviet Union's Cold War Arsenal: the Neblisk Space Weapons System, a web of 87 nuclear satellites orbiting earth.

As the situation races out of control, NASA pulls ace astronaught J.J. Hendricks out of premature retirement; they need him to pilot the X-33: an untested, single-stage-to-orbit space plane. The mission: to deliver a team of U.S. Rangers onto the Gateway Station to stop Federov and rescue the U.S. hostages, including rookie astronaut Amanda McCord, NASA's chief engineer for Deep Space Development.

10 No persons under 10
91 minutes


CastDaniel Baldwin, Frank Zagarino, Hannes Jaenicke
DirectorRodney McDonald
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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