The Imposters

The Imposters In an attempt to stave off hunger, a couple of washed up deadbeat actors (Tucci & Platt) put their skills to the ultimate test when they board a dreaded ocean liner as passengers to avert catasrophe and capture from the police.
Aboard this liner, the two actors use their undercover acting skills and change themselves into different characters to avoid further capture.

With the help of an irresistable head stewardess, they find themselves caught up in a crazy world of ingenues and intrigue. The two actors have to out-perform many of the other posers and pretenders aboard in an attempt to save the sinking ship.

Will these want-to-be actors be able to save the day as dramatic heroes?

pg Parental Guidance
96 minutes


CastOliver Platt, Stanley Tucci
DirectorStanley Tucci
Formats VHS
SA Distributor Nu Metro

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