Point Last Seen

Point Last Seen Once again the courts have failed Rachel Harrison and now her children are missing. The first time she depended on the judicial system a Missouri judge decided that a husband threatening to kill his family was not as great an offense as a wife deserting her spouse. The court awarded custody of Rachel's two children to Kevin, the father they had come to fear.

The second time she appealed for help, the judge believed that Kevin had abused his family, but in the interest of preserving the relationship between a biological father and his children, had granted Kevin an eight hour unsupervised visit with their two kids, John and Ruthie. That was the last time Rachel had seen them. Now she spends her time in frustration and fear worrying if her children are still alive.

Based on memerising actual events.

13 No persons under 13
87 minutes


CastLinda Hamilton, Kevin Kilner, Sam Hennings. Kieren van den Blink, Mary Kay Place
DirectorElodie Keene
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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