Chain of Command

Chain of Command While Secret Service agent Connelly (PATRICK MULDOON) enjoys his job, he is fed up with protecting the President of the United States whose personal morals he finds questionable. Connelly, along with another agent, is assigned ''football'' duty. The ''football'' is a briefcase, always in view of the President, which allows him complete remote control of America's nuclear arsenal.

When President Cahill (ROY SCHEIDER) visits his old friend, Taiwanese billionaire Kem Fung, on his ship off the Chinese coast, Agent Connelly accompanies him on ''football'' duty. Connelly leaves his post for a moment only to find that a fellow agent has turned traitor and sold out. When Fung's team of assassins take control, Fung tells the President that he plans to use the ''football'' to launch an attack on China. Can Connelly get to the ''football'' in time to stop mass annihilation?


CastRoy Scheider, Patrick Muldoon, Michael Biehn, Ric Young, Maria Conchita Alonso
DirectorJohn Terlesky
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro Video

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