Damien's Seed

Damien's Seed Barry Haven is a private investigator who is sent to the small town of Blue Wave to search for a missing young woman named Jessica. His search for Jessica leads him to a forest clearing where he finds bizarre rituals being performed by a group of beautiful women who call themselves ''Damien's Daughters''

What Barry doesn't know is that he was lured to Blue Wave to search for Jessica because the cult members believe that Barry is the son of the cult's founder, Damien, and that Jessica has been ''chosen'' to be impregnated by Barry to ''carry the seed of Damien''. Two other cult members, Connie and Diane, are also vying for the honour of carrying Barry's child, and they scheme to seduce him before the ritual night with Jessica.


CastMatthew Sullivan, Leslie Harter, Jimmy Wlcek, Kira Reed, Jacqueline Lovell
DirectorEdward Holzman
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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