Nostradamus Charged with intense action, mysticism and suspense, NOSTRADAMUS is an electrifying thriller and a provocative tale of the legendary prophet and scholar set in the modern day.

Brilliant detective MICHAEL NOSTRAND investigates a series of mysterious homicides in which the victims spontaneously combust. Teamed with an unorthodox psychic LUCY HUDSON, the two uncover a mysterious conspiracy that leads them to an ancient cult, the Sixth Order.

While pursuing their suspect, Michael is mysteriously transported back to 16th century France. There he confronts GARAMOND, leader of the Sixth Order. Michael discovers the nexus between past and present has been erased through the use of a secret time machine created by Leonardo da Vinci.

Michael returns to the present day, only to discover that no one knows him, except the psychic Lucy. Now a battle for the future has begun and only he can stop it.


CastRob Estes, Joely Fisher
DirectorTibor Takacs
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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