Tommy And The Wildcat

Tommy And The Wildcat Tommy moves with his dad from a big city in Southern Finland to a Lapp village near the world's most northernmost Wildlife Park, to the childhood home of his mother, who has died six months earlier. Tommy's dad is an animal researcher whose job is to look into the possibilities of returning a wildcat to it's natural habitat in the wilderness.

Tommy has already grown fond of the wildcat when his dad's project fails and the wildlife park decides to sell the wildcat abroad. Tommy has to act fast. He frees the wildcat but soon realises that freedom is a mixed blessing. The wildcat can't seem to cope in the wild, even though Tommy does his utmost to feed it. Patrols from the Wildlife Park try feverishly to catch the wildcat before it causes harm and a poacher gets on its trail.

A struggle for life and death takes place in the freezing, wintry wilderness. Tommy must find the weakened wildcat, outwit a ruthless poacher and regain the confidence of his peers. In addition, he has to survive extreme natural conditions.

all All Ages
96 minutes


DirectorRaimo O Niemi
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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