Contagion When the US president is shot in the neck with a dart carrying a new strain of the Ebola virus, a top virologist, Dr. Landis, is brought to his aid. Subsequently the President's Chief of Staff begins receiving mysterious phone calls. The caller demands money in exchange for the deadly Level Four Ebola virus antidote. As the virus spreads and takes the President's body prisoner Dr. Landis realises she has become infected and that the virus is now airborne. The President orders that a bomb blow up one square mile of the infected area and incinerate it. In the final hour a boy is discovered who has the anti-bodies in his blood, but then he goes missing...


CastBruce Boxleitner, Megan Gallagher, Lin Shaye, Jeffrey Combs, Thomas Wright, Matteo Crismani, Dan Lauria
DirectorJohn Murlowski
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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