The Pentagon Papers

The Pentagon Papers Expose a nation's treachery... or protect it as a matter of national security? It's the dilemna facing Daniel Ellsberg (James Spader) when he stumbles across The Pentagon Papers!

Based on a true story, this compelling film traces the story of Ellsburg, an ambitious, Harvard-educated ex-Marine assigned to a top position at the Pentagon. As an analyst assigned to monitor the information coming out of Vietnam, Ellsberg is shocked to discover a 7,000-page, top-secret report that reveals the true extent of America's clandestine involvement in the conflict. And his decision to expose the stunning truth behind the government's active participation will either label him as a national hero... or a seditious renegade, intent on damaging the nation's security and best interest!

The Pentagon Papers is a powerful political drama, hailed by critics as ''...a gripping film... uncommonly fine... as intelligent as it is absorbing.''

pg Parental Guidance
88 minutes


CastJames Spader, Paul Giamatti, Claire Forlani, Alan Arkin
DirectorRod Holcomb
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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