Finding John Christmas

Finding John Christmas Valerie Bertinelli (TV's ''Touched by an Angel'') and two-time Emmy Award winner Peter Falk shine in this heartwarming story of love, loss and unwavering family bonds.

Bay City photojournalist Noah Greeley (David Cubitt, TV's ''Robbery Homicide Division'') captures a mysterious stranger on film and the photo is splashed across the front page of the town newspaper. At the local hospital, nurse Kathleen McAllister (Bertinelli) is stunned to recognise a familiar face — she's convinced the man, dubbed ''John Christmas'', is her long-lost brother Hank (William Ross), a heroic firefighter who abruptly vanished 25 years earlier. With the entire town determined to discover the elusive stranger's identity, Kathleen and Noah join forces to locate him — unaware that they're getting a little ''angelic'' assistance from another stranger, Max (Falk) — a mysterious character whose appearance is deceiving and who always turns up in the most unlikely places! A poignant and captivating drama, Finding John Christmas will enchant the entire family.

all All Ages
91 minutes


CastValerie Bertinelli, William Russ, David Cubitt, Jennifer Pisana, Maria Ricossa, Patricia Gage, Peter Falk
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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