Devil's Island

Devil's Island Devil's Island is a bittersweet tale of Iceland in the fifties. Life is rough in the Reykjavik's post-war slum of Camp Thule, where the abandoned US military barracks have been turned into makeshift homes.

Struggling wives and their hard-working husbands try to make ends meet. The younger generations dream of dollars, Rock 'n Roll and the American way of life. To celebrate or to drown their misery - they're never short of a good reason to booze.

Devil's Island   vividly depicts the everyday life of a wacky family, their neighbours and friends and shows how some of their dreams come true and others don't

pg Parental Guidance
103 minutes

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CastBaltasar Kkormákur, Gísli Halldórsson, Sigurveig Jónsdottir
DirectorFridrik Thor Fridriksson
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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