The Tracker

The Tracker The Changs are a powerful New York underworld family with interests in the drug rings, prostitution and gambling. They are holding fast their turf, but they are being challenged by a group of upstars, the Malakovs, freshly off the boat from St.Petersburg. The Changs have an Achilles heel --the daughter-in-law of their leader, Kim, is not happy playing the role of the traditional Chinese wife.

She is also a woman with a past having had a powerful affair with Spears, an L.A. police officer with a reputation as the best tracker of criminals on the force. The affair had ended when she had succumbed to the pressures of her family to marry within the Chinese community, and what better choicer than the heir apparent to the Chang dynasty who is also a law student. Spears was doubly pained at the loss because her brother, Rick was been his martial arts buddy and closest friend. Spears gets called back into Kim's life when he learns from Rick that she has been kidnapped.

Travelling to New York with Rick, Spears recruits as his chauffeur a street-wise, foul mouthed taxi driver named Carmen to drive him around the haunts of the New York underworld, Chinese and Russian varieties and together they defy the two warring clans. But the greatest surprise of all occurs when they actually find Kim.


CastCasper van Dien, Francoise Robertson, Russel Wong
DirectorJeff Schechter
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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