Me Myself I

Me Myself I Award-winning actress Rachel Griffiths (Hilary And Jackie, Muriel's Wedding) shines in a funny and enlightening comedy about a woman given the chance to see what might have happended if she'd chosen a different path in life!

Pamela Drury (Griffiths) has what every career woman dreams of -- friends, family and a reputation most journalists would kill for -- but can't help thinking that she's missed her one shot at true happiness.

Then, a freak accident gives her the surreal opportunity to find out! Suddenly Pamela finds herself transformed into the picture of domestic bliss, complete with three kids, a house in the suburbs and a marriage to the man she turned down years ago!

As this hilarious and poignant turn of events leads Pamela towards the key to her happiness in love and life, you'll enjoy laughing along with this charmingly entertaining comedy!

10 No persons under 10
104 minutes

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CastRachel Griffiths, David Roberts, Sandy Winton, Yael Stone
DirectorPhilippa Karmel
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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