Chopper As a young standover man, Chopper Read dreams of being remembered as a legendary crime figure. A wisecracking, criminal failure, his journey is more inclined to absurdity.

Receiving a stiff sentence for a bungled kidnapping attempt, Chopper finds himself in H Division, the maximum-security section of Melbourne's Pentridge Prison, where he attempts to assert himself by re-igniting a power struggle for the Division. Justifying his erratic behaviour with a series of lies, rationalizations and distorions, he is finally attacked by his own crew and stabbed by his best friend Jimmy Loughnan. Friendless and in fear of further retribution, he cuts off his ears to ensure a transfer out of H Division. Eight years later he is released from jail, a walking anachronism, driven by resentment and guilt, searching desperately for his hidden enemy and fast tracking to a place where fact and fiction become progressively blurred.

He kills a minor criminal, 'Sammy the Turk', in a fit of paranoia, but manages to beat the charge by virtue of his now well honed story-telling ability. Charged for another offence, he returns to jail, where he writes an exaggerated account of his life and crimes. His book becomes a best seller and Chopper's original ambition is realized.

18 No persons under 18 (Language, Violence)
91 minutes

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CastEric Bana, Simon Lyndon, Kenny Graham, Kate Beahan, Vince Colosimo
DirectorAndrew Dominik
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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