Chapter Zero

Chapter Zero Adam Lazarus is about to begin a new chapter in his life. Two months before his 30th birthday, Adam Lazarus's dreams of success are shattered when his long-in-coming first novel is resoundingly rejected by his boss Cassandra, the sexy and savvy senior editor at Larrabee Publishing, a woman Adam secretly desires.

Plunging into despair, Adam begins to obsess about the failures that have defined his life, scribbling it all down in a frenzy of catharsis. His girlfriend Jane, best friend Lonnie and cross-dressing father Frank try to convince Adam to put down the pen and pull out of his nose-dive. But Adam is determined to finish his book.

Jane smuggles the resulting autobiography to a publisher friend, and suddenly Adam finds himself the object of a bidding war, with all sides clamouring for a piece of this brilliant new voice of a dispirited generation. Cassandra emerges in the battle over Adam's book, and Adam quickly finds himself on the proverbial Fast Track, which doesn't leave much room for the people who knew him when -- specifically, his girlfriend Jane.

On the night of his 30th birthday, his dreams of success about to be realised, Adam discovers the old adage is painfully accurate: ''But careful what you wish for...''.


CastDylan Walsh, Penelope Ann Miller, Laurel Holloman, Justin Kirk, Colm Meaney
DirectorAaron Mendelsohn
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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